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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is THE best method for online advertisement. With Pay Per Click campaigns, including Adwords, you just decide on the budget you would like to spend, and we'll do the rest!
From performing in-depth per-page analysis, to adjusting the daily spend or editing the ads until you get the maximum conversion, we have the right team for it!
It's all about targeting the right segment of people who are already searching and interested in similar products as yours. Why pay a fortune on general, untargeted advertising? With PPC, you only pay when someone clicks your ad. This is how we guarantee that more interested people are targeted and will visit your website, which leads to a higher potential sale and growth.

Increase in Leads

With more visits to your website from relevant websites like Facebook and Google, there will be an increase in the number of leads from people who are interested and already looking for products similar to yours.

No Lock-in Contract

You will receive 100% dedication & support from us towards your project, and we will do anything possible to have your online business flourish. But we'll also respect your decision if you decided to look for something else.

More Targeted Visits

Our expert team has the right knowledge and tools to target the right audience by displaying specific ads to a specific group of people. These ads are re-assessed daily depending on the results, to ensure maximum conversion rate

Managing the Campaign from A to Z

We will manage your marketing campaign entirely. Starting from in depth per-page analysis, to what keywords to target, to even what is the best time of the day/week to get the highest return. Your project is in good hands!

Adwords and PPC Highlights

Our Adwords and PPC service includes all the major aspects of a successful campaign. Our team has all the experience, technology, and knowledge to maximise the results and make every dollar you spend count.

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Keyword Research

Each company has a different set of keywords to target the industry it's in. We do an in-depth analysis to target best keywords to outperform your competitors.

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Specific Segment Targeting

Whatever 'Niche' your industry would be, we can target the right people who are already looking for similar products to yours. From their gender and age, to the technology they use and location.

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Pay Per Click

This means that no money will be wasted on random advertising. Only interested and targeted people will click the ads, so you are only paying for potential customers.

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Daily Spend Optimisation

We set a capped price per day, and then adjust it as soon as we get the results back, this way we focus the budget at the campaigns with the highest conversion.

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Custom Reporting

With your own portal and transparent reporting, you will know exactly where your budget is going on daily basis, with our recommendations and feedback on how the campaigns are going.

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Seasonal Scheduling

From our extensive field experience, we know conversion rate fluctuates between weekdays/weekends, and even from day to night. We will optimise your campaign accordingly for maximum conversion rate.

Case Study:
Analytics & Adwords...better together.

For our loyal customer Sally, from "White Gowns and Promises", moving the business entirely to an Online Store was exciting and challenging. When Sally came to us a year after the launch of her website, she was facing trouble in not getting enough buyers to her beautiful gowns although there were a reasonable constant number of visits every month, but these visits rarely converted into an actual sale, this was a bit dazzling for her as she has hired a company to do a Paid Ads campaign.

After our Analytics team analysed her website, including per-page analysis, we found out that over 50% of visits are coming from male visitors, 35% of visits came from countries her business doesn't operate in, and 55% of the female visitors were either under the age of 18 or over 45, also most visits were coming from networks and websites with no actual relation to female beauty or weddings. This, in addition to other detailed data was a clear indication of bad targeting, and both Sally and us knew something needed to be done!

Before our Analytics & Adwords service:

  • visits from women -48%

  • visits from women aged 20-45 -22%

  • visits from eligible countries -65%

  • visits from related networks -38%

That is when our expert "Paid Ads" guys stepped in. After fully understanding Sally's business requirements and the Analytics report we prepared , we started targeting the more logical audience, which was women, between the ages of 20-45, who are living in Australia, Europe and other regions were the business operates. These ads were displayed in networks that had a massive number of such audience like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Also, specific keywords were targeted when people search for related phrases on search engine, such as: "wedding dress", "affordable dresses", "amazing designer dresses", etc.

With Sally's dedication, and our help, her business is now flourishing and conversion rate has gone 5 times higher.

After our Analytics & Adwords service*:

  • visits from women -81%

  • visits from women aged 20-45 -61%

  • visits from eligible countries -96%

  • visits from related networks -79%

  • * These facts are to be used as a general indicator only, it might not be relevant to your business or circumstances.

With our Adwords Management service, we perform an in-depth per-page analysis to determine what are the main keywords we need to target, and on which networks we need to advertise. Our work doesn't stop there! We will also measure the performance of your campaign constantly and will do any required modifications on a daily basis. With our Adwords service, be sure you're keeping your web project in good hands!

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