Analytics: It's time for you to know!

Our Web Analytics service is an essential solution to measure your website's data and gain unique customer insights.
With important information about your site's visitors, you can optimise your web content and adjust your ads accordingly.

You might have some idea about the number of visits your website receives - through some web tools - but wouldn't you love to know where these visits are coming from? What devices they use? Which pages on your website they were mainly interested in? And if they reached your website through an ad or using a search engine?

With our Insights service, you will get to know all of this about your visitors, and much more!

some of the Insights we provide

analyse your website and get great insights

Visitor Trends

Drill even further into your site visitor trends. Get insights on: Visits, Unique Visitors, Pageviews, Average Pageviews, Time on Site, and Bounce Rate.

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New vs. Returning

Returning visitors indicate that people want to know more about your product. With the right "call to action" user interface, these people will convert into actual users/buyers.

know where your visitors are coming from


This is based on your visitors' preferred set language, and can be used as an indicator if you should offer your website in multiple languages.

get demographic info about your visitors

Browser & Devices

What browsers do your site visitors typically use? Are they using mobile phones, tablets, or desktops? This data allows you to determine which devices and browsers are most important to optimise.

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Network Properties

This gives you information on what ISP your visitors use, their hostnames and IP as well. this can help to know more precise information about their location.

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Traffic Sources

This is an extremely important indicator on what words and terms people use to find you on search engines. Also, what websites/partners/ads generated these visits.

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Locating your visitors is essential for your business. This will help you know which cities to focus on, and which require improved targeting.

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Top Pages/Content

Do you ever wonder which pages/content of your site people are mostly interested in? This will tell you their total navigation journey across your site.

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Conversion Rate

This will give an indication on how many people completed the goals you set, whether the set goal was to buy online or fill an enquiry form, this will tell you all about it.

Case Study:
Analytics & Adwords...better together.

For our loyal customer Sally, from "White Gowns and Promises", moving the business entirely to an Online Store was exciting and challenging. When Sally came to us a year after the launch of her website, she was facing trouble in not getting enough buyers to her beautiful gowns although there were a reasonable constant number of visits every month, but these visits rarely converted into an actual sale, this was a bit dazzling for her as she has hired a company to do a Paid Ads campaign.

After our Analytics team analysed her website, including per-page analysis, we found out that over 50% of visits are coming from male visitors, 35% of visits came from countries her business doesn't operate in, and 55% of the female visitors were either under the age of 18 or over 45, also most visits were coming from networks and websites with no actual relation to female beauty or weddings. This, in addition to other detailed data was a clear indication of bad targeting, and both Sally and us knew something needed to be done!

Before our Analytics & Adwords service:

  • visits from women -48%

  • visits from women aged 20-45 -22%

  • visits from eligible countries -65%

  • visits from related networks -38%

That is when our expert "Paid Ads" guys stepped in. After fully understanding Sally's business requirements and the Analytics report we prepared, we started targeting the more logical audience, which was women, between the ages of 20-45, who are living in Australia, Europe and other regions were the business operates. These ads were displayed in networks that had a massive number of such audience like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Also, specific keywords were targeted when people search for related phrases on search engine, such as: "wedding dress", "affordable dresses", "amazing designer dresses", etc.

With Sally's dedication, and our help, her business is now flourishing and conversion rate has gone 5 times higher.

After our Analytics & Adwords service*:

  • visits from women -81%

  • visits from women aged 20-45 -61%

  • visits from eligible countries -96%

  • visits from related networks -79%

  • * These facts are to be used as a general indicator only, it might not be relevant to your business or circumstances.

Our Analytics service is a great way to understand your visitors' interests, technology they use, demographics, and location. And these are just a few of the metrics we provide.

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