Presenting data to your customers or even your employees is always tricky. Whether it was the sales history for the past few years, detailed report, or simply if you have a spreadsheet that you wish to share with your team, you will most probably spend lots of time on PowerPoint or other tools trying to visualise this data in a way that won't leave your audience yawning and looking at their watches.

At Beyond Graphs, we take your spreadsheet and turn it into an exciting report or presentation by representing your data in a visually appealing charts and graphs, which can then be delivered as a PDF or a web link on a dedicated site for easy sharing with your customers or employees.

Visual data representation can increase clarity and perception of your spreadsheet by more than 500%.

How we do it

Data Gathering

The customer will send the data that they want to visualise, we can help in gathering data if required. The data could be as a report, Excel, CSV, or any other format.

Data Processing

Understand the customer's requirements and goals. Derive the main data the customer is looking to visualise. This includes sorting and filtering where needed.

Visual Presentation

Create state-of-the-art charts and graphs to present your data in a clear and interesting format. We can prepare a PDF, PPT, or host the output for you online.

Finalize Dashboard

Group these graphs into a single or multiple dashboards. This can then be saved as a PDF, PowerPoint, or even host it for you online for easy access and distribution.

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