What Is Your
Website's Traffic Rank?

* The traffic rank is based on the traffic data from millions of users and is a combined measure of site visits and page views.

Higher rank = More Traffic = More Business

If you don't know what SEO is, or you're overwhelmed by the thousands of tech-geeky explanations that some companies use to show how "sophisticated" they are, here is another explanation for you: Simply put, SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the exercise of editing your website's content and design in order to gain a higher rank on search engines - like Google - for keywords that are related to your business, which means people are more likely to check your website rather than your lower-ranked competitors.

This exercise, although it seems easy to do, but will actually require professionals to conduct. At Beyond Graphs, we won't promise you the #1 spot on Google just yet, unlike most of the providers out there, we are realistic and honest! How can we guarantee a specific position without even knowing what keywords you are targeting and what your industry is?

However, we do promise you that our team would go above and beyond to get you on the highest possible rank, including content editing, design adjustments, and per-page optimisation. For the majority of our wide customer base, their websites landed on the first page on Google.

Guaranteed rank increase

Our team of professionals will use all their knowledge and tools to have your website ranked higher than what it currently is. That is a promise!

Clear reporting and tracking

We will not flood you with technical reporting and equations, just a simple monthly detailed report with all what you need to know.

More relevant traffic to your website

When people search the keywords that relate to your business, you will appear on top of the search results, which means more relevant traffic.

Grow your business

With SEO, you will get more people who are interested in what you offer reach your website rather than random visits, this means more business and growth!

SEO vs. Paid Ads

When it comes to increasing traffic to your website, you have 2 main options; SEO or Paid Ads. With Paid Ads, you are paying a pre-defined rate to appear on the sponsored results section of Google, Facebook, or other networks. Each time a person clicks on your link, you will pay a fee until the campaign's budget runs out. It's designed for people who want instant results rather than investing in their website's traffic.

With the right SEO implementation, you get a high spot organically and you don't pay for each time someone clicks your link in the search results. With our SEO solution, your website will remain on a high position for a significant period of time, and would be less costly to keep.

SEO is an essential exercise for your website, it's an investment with ongoing returns to ensure stronger online and brand presence. Get in touch today to discuss how we can upgrade your web traffic by implementing SEO's best practices.

SEO Facts*

  • 87% of all traffic comes from search engines

  • 76% do not go past the first page on Google search

  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine

  • 15% win rate for SEO leads, compared to only 1.6% for print advertising

  • 500% jump in ROI for companies conducting SEO

  • * These facts are to be used as a general indicator only, it might not be relevant to your business or circumstances.

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